About Me

I am a 24 year old enthusiastic, energetic and excited Graduate student in Ethnomusicology. I love music and studying music in different cultures.

I grew up a violinist, playing since the age of 4 and most of my identity was wrapped up in that until I discovered ski racing at the the age of 14. In the last few years, I have been returning to my music studies through a different medium, examining at the ways western music is studied (in the field of psychology) and how music is experienced in different parts of the world (especially Tibetan Refugee Communities in Northern India).

I am graduate student in Ethnomusicology. I pursued two theses in my undergraduate career, both focusing on music; one in psychology and the other in Ethnomusicology. Both fields have a special place in my heart.

Western Psychology looks at music in a segmented and scientific way, trying to eliminate the external influences, whereas Ethnomusicology absorbs and embraces the utterly human and imperfect, messy nature of a musical experience.

Both have incredible insights to offer each other.

Music is often seen as a form of entertainment, a superficial almost unintentional figment of creation by the movements of culture and society. However, I see it as a powerful and active force within social structures. It ties us together. It provides a rhythmic connection to coordinate physical and vocal movement. It is a tool used for connection and community building.

Here you will find:

  • My Reflections on Certain Articles both within Ethnomusicology and Psychology
  • Some of My Own Essays: usually on music in some form or another.
  • Stories of My Fieldwork: from within India, Nepal and the U.S.
  • Links to Other Sites that Could Provide More Information

Hope you enjoy my blog!

Please let me know if you have specific questions or comments. I love collaboration.


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